You could say it was bred in my bones, as cottage life has been a part of my being from the moment I was born. A seasonal tradition shared with my family for three generations, of packing up the the car and leaving the city to relax and get away from it all. My childhood found me living for the warm days to run free and the starry nights to tuck in under the Northern Ontario sky. The imprint of water, trees and fresh air formed my love for my weekend retreats, where family and friends came together to share their enjoyment of the wild and the special moments it can bring. This childhood experience became a part of my soul and never left.

My imagination has always been a force in my life and this constant dreaming took me away from Winnipeg  to Toronto for Fashion school. A dream realized, I found my career evolve into that of a freelance stylist and then creative director in both the fashion and home decor industries. Over the years I have worked with some of the top brands in both Canada and the US and having spent time living and working in New York. Free time and vacations always found me heading back to either family cottage or to a good friends where I could lay me head and regain that feeling of authentic days and nights.

After moving back to Canada I decided to make another dream come true and started my hunt for a getaway of my own.  My storage locker started to fill with things that would decorate my summer home.  As they say, “build it and it will come”, and for me it did and the rest is history. That summer I found my island cottage, and the rest is history. For the past ten years I have lived my cottage dream on Snake Island in South Eastern Ontario. My island home is a place where I live and create my ideal retreat. Weekends there are filled with all that things that make a truly authentic lifestyle, and it is from my island home that the idea for THE OUTSIDER came. I want to share with others the idea of the perfect escape and all the essentials that go along with it. Whether you have a place of your own or are a dreamer like me, let me take you away from the everyday, if only for the weekend, to inspire and help you make the best of your retreat wherever that may be.

See you this weekend