This is the first of my weekend features, my cottage is open for the season as they say, and I am celebrating my eleventh year on the island. It never gets old and it really only gets better with each year I return. I wanted to take this first post to introduce you to my home, and the island itself. Sharing with you my space in the woods, surrounded by trees, water, and friends that I love. This island is like a big park filled with all different species of green, weather changing on the hour, and elements one must consider. I truly live for the sun filled days and warm breezes, when the waves swell high on the lake and you feel like you are on the ocean, or somewhere far away. It can also get chilly, rainy, and wet, but in a way I love those days too. Just being up here is true solace, and that what it’s all about. A true get away.

The first few weekends up on the island are all about work. Putting  the docks in the chilly water, getting the gardens going and setting up shop for the summer months. My neighbours and I all get together to help with the docks, as there is some heavy lifting involved to get it all going. Then we  get in the garden, raking and weeding and tending to all that winter has left behind. I always pack my cottage up tight for the winter so there also the inside to unpack and set up, but the fun side is to see treasures that have been tucked away for the long winter months suddenly become new again. When the night falls we tuck in for a good dinner, cooking together , drinking and spending the evening under the stars. Heaven on earth.

Welcome to Snake Island and to my cottage in the woods.


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